Lucknow University Researchers Set to Present Breakthrough Findings at International Science Conference in Paris

Lucknow University is brimming with excitement as two brilliant research scholars from the Department of Science (Physics) have been selected to present their groundbreaking research at the prestigious 8th International Conference on Natural Sciences and Engineering in Paris, France. The news of their achievement has filled the university with joy and pride, as they prepare to attend the conclave on September 21-22. Shweta and Sarvesh, distinguished researchers, will represent Lucknow University at the global scientific forum.

Professor Alok Kumar Rai, Vice Chancellor, Lucknow University expressed his happiness and highlighted the importance of this achievement. He emphasized that the selection of two research scholars from the University for such an important international conference is a matter of great pride. Their participation not only showcases their expertise but also enhances the reputation of Lucknow University in the global scientific community.

To facilitate their participation, the researchers have sought financial support from the Science and Engineering Research Board of the Department of Science and Technology. In addition, other researchers including Dr. Divya Singh and Dr. Kriti Sharma from Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute are actively involved in the research work.

Sarvesh Kumar Avinashi’s presentation will focus on “Morphological, Mechanical and Biological Evolution” exploring the combination of hydroxyapatite and titanium carbide. This research aims to highlight potential applications in the biomedical field, emphasizing its importance for advances in health care.

On the other hand, Shweta’s presentation titled “Structural, Morphological and Mechanical Characterization of La.2O3 doped machinable silicate glass ceramics: for biomedical applications” will throw light on the study of La.2O3 doped machinable silicate glass ceramics. This research investigates the structural, morphological and mechanical characteristics of materials with potential implications for biomedical applications.

The selection of these two exceptional researchers and their pioneering work underlines the University of Lucknow’s commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and contributing to the global scientific community. Their presentations at international conferences hold promise for making significant contributions in their respective fields and keeping Lucknow University at the forefront of scientific innovation.