University of Allahabad Approves Appointments and Promotions in the Department of Mathematics

The Executive Council of the University of Allahabad has approved a list of names for appointments in the Department of Mathematics. This development marks a significant step towards strengthening the academic faculty at the renowned institution.

Furthermore, the Council has also approved promotions under the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) for deserving individuals in the department. Dr. Avnish Kr. Chaturvedi and Dr. Gyan Chandra Singh Yadav have been promoted from Stage II to Stage III, recognizing their valuable contributions and expertise. Additionally, Brijesh Kr. Sharma has been promoted from Stage III to the position of Associate Professor, reflecting his excellence in teaching and research.

The appointments and promotions signify the university’s commitment to fostering a conducive academic environment and recognizing the achievements of its faculty members. The Department of Mathematics at the University of Allahabad continues to strive for excellence and provide quality education to its students.