Lucknow University Collaborates with University of Barcelona for Academic Exchange

Lucknow University recently organized a productive exchange session with Ramon Llull IQS, University of Barcelona, Spain, focusing on academic excellence. The representatives from IQS, University of Barcelona, and Lucknow University joined forces to share teaching methodologies and engage in discussions on advancing education collectively. This online meeting emphasized their commitment to expanding higher education on an international scale.

Exciting Collaboration! Lucknow University Joins Hands with University of Barcelona for Academic Exchange and Dual Degree Program. #HigherEducation #InternationalCollaboration


In a significant development, Lucknow University has forged an agreement with Ramon Llull IQS. Under this agreement, students who complete their first year of studies in the Business Administration Department will have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona. There, they can pursue their second year of the master’s program. Upon successfully completing the second year, students will be awarded a dual master’s degree from both universities. Additionally, upon finishing their master’s at IQS, students will have the chance to extend their visa for an additional year, enabling them to explore job opportunities.

IQS, Barcelona, has achieved the impressive eighth position among Spain’s 59 universities, according to the renowned Times Higher Education Rankings. Furthermore, it holds the top position among Spanish universities in terms of employability. Prof. Poonam Tandon, Dean Academics and Dean Student Welfare, Prof. R.P. Singh, Director of International Cooperation, and Prof. Sangita Sahu, Head of the Department of Business Administration at Lucknow University, actively participated in the meeting and discussions.

Dr. Carlos Moslares, International Program Manager at IQS, expressed great enthusiasm for extensive collaboration and highlighted the potential for a dual degree program in Business Administration. Prof. Poonam Tandon stated, “They have also expressed their interest in collaborating with our Department of Engineering and Technology. We discussed various initiatives to enhance and improve academic quality.”

Spanish educators have shown a keen interest in participating in the upcoming international conference organized by the Department of Business Administration, scheduled for December. The program, initiated by Lucknow University’s Department of Business Administration, is set to take place on 8-9 December. Before finalizing the agreement, both parties will engage in further discussions and deliberations.

Both institutions are excited about fostering mutual cooperation that will significantly contribute to the enhancement of educational excellence at an international level.