Indian Hernia Society’s 15th Annual Conference at BHU Unveiling Innovations in Surgical Excellence

The Department of General Surgery at the Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, is set to host the esteemed 15th Annual Conference of the Indian Hernia Society on the 25th and 26th of August, 2023. This dynamic event is poised to gather medical professionals, experts, and researchers from across India, marking a significant step in advancing surgical knowledge and expertise.

Unveiling the Future of Hernia Surgery

Renowned for its commitment to excellence, BHU’s Institute of Medical Sciences is all set to provide a platform for medical practitioners to delve into the intricacies of hernia surgery. This two-day conference aims to foster the exchange of cutting-edge insights and techniques that are shaping the landscape of hernia treatment.

A Surgeon’s Gathering of Excellence

Highlighting the significance of this conference, Prof. Seema Khanna, Head of the Department of Surgery, expressed her anticipation for the participation of distinguished experts from prestigious institutions. With India’s leading medical minds congregating, attendees can expect to delve into discussions on a range of hernia-related topics.

LIVE Surgeries: Witnessing Innovation in Action

A notable feature of this event is the live surgery demonstrations. Prof. Mumtaz Ansari revealed that these real-time surgeries will showcase the latest technologies, techniques, and procedures employed in hernia operations. By witnessing these demonstrations, surgeons can elevate their skill sets and contribute to improved patient care.

Global Collaboration for Medical Advancement: Prof. Vivek Srivastava enthusiastically shared that the conference is expected to draw nearly 450 delegates from renowned institutions across India. Beyond national borders, the event will also welcome expertise from international spheres, fostering a global collaborative spirit for medical innovation.

Stay tuned as BHU takes the lead in hosting the Indian Hernia Society’s 15th Annual Conference, unraveling the future of surgical excellence and igniting a wave of knowledge sharing and advancements.

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