BHU Medical Experts Shine on Global Stage

In a remarkable showcase of medical expertise, Dr. Shashi Prakash Mishra from the Department of Surgery and Dr. Manjaree Mishra from the Anesthesiology Department at the Trauma Centre, Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, presented their pioneering research at the Trauma and Acute Care Conference in Singapore. Their work adds a new dimension to the global healthcare stage, and here’s what they had to offer:

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Dr. Shashi Prakash Mishra’s Presentation: Dr. Shashi Prakash Mishra delved into the crucial role of biomarkers in Blunt Trauma Abdomen. His research sheds light on the latest advancements in this critical area of trauma surgery.

Dr. Manjaree Mishra’s Presentation: Dr. Manjaree Mishra brought her expertise to the fore with a presentation on Critically Ill Trauma Patients admitted in the ICU. Her insights are invaluable in providing top-notch trauma care.

The Trauma and Acute Care Conference in Singapore featured selected research from various countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Korea, Australia, and the United States. This international platform is a testament to BHU’s dedication to medical research and healthcare advancement.

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