UGC Issues Directive to Discontinue M.Phil Programs as per 2022 Regulations

In a recent public notice, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has drawn attention to the discontinuation of the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree by universities. The UGC’s Regulation No. 14, outlined in the “Minimum Standards and Procedures for Award of Ph.D. Degree” Regulations of 2022, explicitly states that higher educational institutions are not permitted to offer M.Phil. programs.

The UGC emphasizes that the M.Phil. degree is not recognized, and universities should adhere to the regulations published in the Gazette of India on November 7, 2022. In response to the notice, universities are urged to cease admissions to M.Phil. programs for the upcoming academic year 2023-24.

Prospective students are advised against seeking admission to M.Phil. programs in light of these regulatory changes. The UGC’s directive marks a significant shift in academic offerings, focusing on aligning with the latest standards and procedures for the award of Ph.D. degrees.

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