Pondicherry University Research Team Receives Indian Patent for Breakthrough in Thermoelectric Device

In a remarkable achievement, the research team led by Dr. P. Thilakan, Associate Professor in the Department of Green Energy Technology at Pondicherry University, has successfully developed and patented a groundbreaking “Processing of Zinc Oxide PN junction thermoelectric device.” This significant accomplishment marks a major breakthrough in the field, as the team has effectively addressed issues related to defects and doping.

Under the guidance of Prof. Gurmeet Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University, the researchers have overcome significant challenges in the development of this thermoelectric device. Their relentless efforts have led to the successful creation of a unique PN junction structure using zinc oxide. This novel invention holds immense potential in the field of green energy and has paved the way for advancements in thermoelectric technology.

The team’s dedication and commitment to innovation have been recognized with the grant of Indian Patent No. 433997. This patent serves as a testament to their exceptional research capabilities and their contribution to the scientific community.

The newly patented thermoelectric device opens up exciting possibilities for harnessing waste heat and converting it into useful electrical energy. With its potential applications in various industries, including renewable energy, this breakthrough has the power to revolutionize the way we generate and utilize power.

Prof. Gurmeet Singh congratulated Dr. P. Thilakan and his team on this remarkable achievement. He commended their efforts in overcoming significant technical hurdles and emphasized the importance of such innovative research in addressing environmental challenges and advancing sustainable technologies.

This pioneering work by Pondicherry University showcases the institution’s commitment to research excellence and its contribution to the scientific landscape of India.

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