Live Stream: Valedictory Ceremony of Delhi University’s Centenary Celebrations

Delhi University, one of India’s prestigious educational institutions, is concluding its grand centenary celebrations with a remarkable valedictory ceremony. As the university commemorates its hundred years of excellence in education, this event promises to be a memorable and significant occasion for the university community and its well-wishers.

You can now join the live stream of the valedictory ceremony and witness the culmination of a century of academic achievements and contributions by Delhi University. The event will feature esteemed guests, eminent speakers, and a series of engaging performances that showcase the rich cultural heritage and intellectual prowess of the university.

To be a part of this momentous occasion, simply click on the link below and immerse yourself in the celebration of Delhi University’s illustrious history and promising future:

[Watch Live Here ]

Experience the spirit of Delhi University as it bids farewell to its centenary year in style. Don’t miss out on this live stream and be a witness to the remarkable valedictory ceremony.

100 years of academic brilliance at University of Delhi!  

Join us LIVE for the Valedictory Ceremony of Delhi University’s Centenary Celebrations. Witness a century of excellence in education unfold! #DelhiUniversity #CentenaryCelebrations #ValedictoryCeremony #LiveStream

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