Tezpur University’s Department of Cultural Studies Unveils ‘Reflections of Dance along the Brahmaputra’ Book

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In a remarkable event, the Department of Cultural Studies at Tezpur University orchestrated a book release ceremony, introducing the much-anticipated work titled “Reflections of Dance along the Brahmaputra.” The book, edited by Prof. Debarshi Prasad Nath of Tezpur University’s Department of Cultural Studies, along with Dr. Barbara Snook and Prof. Ralph Buck from the University of Auckland, was unveiled today.

Distinguished guests at the ceremony included Prof. Shambhu Nath Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Tezpur University, serving as the Chief Guest, and Prof. Farheena Danta, Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, gracing the occasion as the Guest of Honour.

This literary creation is the fruitful outcome of an academic collaboration between the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Tezpur University. Published by Routledge, a renowned global publisher specializing in academic books, journals, and online resources in the humanities and social sciences, the book pays homage to the rich dance traditions in Northeast India. Comprising 16 enlightening chapters, the volume features contributions from esteemed faculty members of Tezpur University.

Witness the convergence of academia and artistry as ‘Reflections of Dance along the Brahmaputra’ takes center stage, offering an insightful exploration of the cultural significance of dance in the region.